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Lewis Moore of Edmond, Oklahoma is the current Representative of House District 96. Lewis is a Christian, conservative and Republican. He loves God and his family.


CHAIRMAN, States’ Rights

A&B Subcommittee on Public
Health & Social Services


Utility and Environmental Regulation

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Turnpike Gate Coming to the District

There’s a new turnpike gate coming to the district.  Hogback Road and I-44.  This is a work that has been going on since 1972 or so.  The county commissioner Willa Johnson and her staff, Gary Ridley, the director of the turnpike authority and Dept of Transportation and his staff have got this project moving!

The bids are going out this April/May with dirt moving this July.  The gates for now will be OKC only. Traffic to and from OKC will be able to exit from the gate.

Highlights of Five Bills I’ve Filed This Year

March 25, 2010

Dear Friend,

I hope this letter finds you well.  At the capitol we are in the thick of the 2010 legislative session, and it is my goal to work for responsible solutions to the issues facing Oklahomans.

This year, the top issue is the state budget.  The national economic downturn is affecting states the same way it’s affecting Oklahoma families.  We all need to be ready for some of the sacrifices that will need to be made.  Because Oklahoma is comprised of hard-working, honest, and genuine people, Oklahoma will overcome the challenges we face today the same way we have overcome challenges in the past.

Here are the highlights of five bills I’ve filed this year:

  • HB2889 allows groups covered by the state insurance plan to request and receive their claims data 100 days prior to the renewal.  It would allow them to go out to bid in a competitive process.
  • HB2886 allows the Department of Central Service to help state agencies get competitive bids on their workers compensation insurance.  This will help lower workers comp costs, reducing costs to taxpayers.
  • HB2888 creates a legislative oversight committee to oversee the state employee benefit plans, thus reducing costs to the taxpayers.
  • HB2639 changes our workers compensation system to one that emphasizes rehabilitative solutions rather than using the expensive workers comp court system to remedy claims.  This would be huge for the economy.
  • HJR1067 freezes property taxes at the amount you paid for your homestead-exempted home.  All ages would have been affected.  It was placed in the Rules Committee.

Most importantly, we need to apply the “common sense test” to any new bills that go through the Legislature.  Our first responsibility is to you, the taxpayer, and to represent your best interests at your state Capitol.  It is an honor to serve as your voice in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.  If you have questions or comments about state government, or if I may ever be of service to you, please contact me at my Capitol office by phone, 405-557-7400, or by email, lewis.moore@okhouse.gov .


Lewis Moore
Representative, District 96

Moore: Oklahoma Should ‘Fast Forward’ Workers Comp System

Oklahoma House of Representatives
Media Division

January 22, 2010


Contact: State Rep. Lewis H. Moore

Capitol: (405) 557-7400

Moore: Oklahoma Should ‘Fast Forward’ Workers Comp System

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma has an opportunity to “fast forward” how the state provides workers’ compensation benefits, state Rep. Lewis Moore said today.

“We have a provision in place now that allows for an exciting option in how we currently offer coverage for on the job injuries and sickness – 24/7 coverage,” Moore, R-Edmond, said. “It combines the best of both group health and workers’ compensation coverage. Currently, group health insurance covers you when you’re asleep and not at work, or about 16 hours a day. Workers’ comp covers you when you’re at work. As much as both types of coverage cost, we can’t help but be able to save a great deal of money, give our businesses an opportunity to be much more competitive, reduce the animosity and adversarial relationship promoted by the current system and help more people become insured. By reducing the cost and streamlining the benefits, we will save employees and employers a great deal of time and money.”

Moore has filed House Bill 2886 to make it possible for the Oklahoma State Employees Benefits Council and the Oklahoma State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board to begin a pilot program that state agencies and employers can participate in to take advantage of the 24/7 provision in Title 85.

“If you are hurt playing softball, you go to the doctor and have the injury taken care of,” Moore said. “Whatever deductible you have for health insurance is what you would pay for the injury, regardless of whether it was job-related or not. Supplemental coverage would meet many of the expenses incurred using a benefit bank employers can put into place using their savings. The exclusive remedy provision, for liability protection, covers 24/7 coverage as well.”

Moore said neither employees nor employers are happy with the current workers’ compensation system.

“Employees don’t like the system because it takes too long for their benefits to make their way through it,” Moore said. “Employers don’t like it because of the extra costs.”

Moore noted that a large chunk of the employee benefits portion of the budget could be reduced without hurting state employees coverage if his legislation passes.

“The workers’ compensation industry is no longer as productive as it needs to be for us to be competitive,” Moore said. “We must take care of our workforce and help employers compete. We can be leaders in putting our state at the forefront of providing solutions and do the right thing by all involved.”


Excuse the mess …

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to move my web site and get it updated. We’ll be testing a few things so forgive the ‘test pages’ but we’re close to getting it working the way it should be.

I hope to be able to keep our district updated on all issues that impact your lives as well as Oklahoma!